Daniel McJunkin Taken Prisoner

After seeing Gen. Sumter out of striking distance from the enemy, the command of Col. Brandon returned to the vicinity of their own homes and took post at Love's Ford on Broad River.  This position was well adapted to check the operations of the Tories on the west side of that river, and restrict their intercourse with the British Army at Winnsboro.  While lying there, says Major McJunkin, a scout was sent over to Sandy River under Capt. Joseph Mc Cool.  This party was worsted in a conflict with the Tories in that section and Daniel McJunkin, the Major's brother, was taken prisoner and carried to Winnsboro.  "At my instance," says the major, "Col. Brandon sent a flag to Lord Cornwallis proposing to exchange Col. Fanning, who was a prisoner with us, for Daniel McJunkin.  This proposition was rejected by His Lordship, and Daniel was sent forthwith to the jail in Camden."  Here he remained until April, when he escaped in company with William Hodge, above mentioned.

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